Questions about the Fredericksburg Area Beer Trail?

Check out our FAQ’s

Can I do the Passport and the Savings Pass at the same time?
Sorry, but they can’t be completed on the same visit.

Where can I get my FAB Trail passport?
You can pick up your FAB Trail passport from any of the 8 participating breweries or from any of the 3 regional visitor centers (Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania)

Where can prizes be redeemed?
Prizes may be redeemed at any of the 3 regional visitor centers (Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, or Stafford) during regular operating hours.

 What are the prizes?
There will be a variety of prizes to choose from as supplies last.

For 5 passport stamps, participants may choose one from the following prizes:

  • Brew Trail Bottle Opener
  • Brew Trail Keychain
  • Brew Trail Coaster
  • Brew Trail Pint Glass

For  passport stamps, participants may choose two from the following prizes:

  • Brew Trail Bottle Opener
  • Brew Trail Keychain
  • Brew Trail Coaster
  • Brew Trail Pint Glass

How do I get a passport stamp? Where?
Each of the participating breweries will stamp your passports as you visit and make a purchase. No stamps will be provided at any of the visitor center locations.

Do I have to do the FAB trail in order?
No, please feel free to enjoy the trail in any direction/order

Can I get one stamp from each Adventure Brewing location?
No, one Adventure stamp is all that you will need to collect. Feel free to visit both locations however as they will each offer you something a little different. 

Is there an expiration date for the passport?
There is no expiration 

How can I do the FAB trail without driving?
Here are some alternatives to driving yourselves


How old do I have to be to complete a passport?
Participants must be 21 years of age or older to trek the FAB Trail

Can I bring my friend’s passport in to redeem a prize?
As long as you and your friend are both 21 and you can provide proof of age, you may redeem the passport for them

What if I don’t complete 5 breweries? Is there a prize for partially completing it?
There are 2 opportunities to win prizes in this trail. One opportunity after 5 stamps, and another after all 8 stamps have been collected. No other partial number of stamps will be valid for a prize

Can I bring my children or furry friends to the breweries?
All of the brewery locations are family friendly to all of our family members whether 2 legs or 4.

Can you mail me my prize?
Sorry, we can’t mail the prizes. Prizes must be redeemed in person at one of the 3 regional visitor centers (Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania or Stafford)

Do I get to keep my completed passport?
Yes, you may keep your completed passport. Each visitor center will have a stamp to mark it as redeemed, but you may keep it with all of your stamps..

Can I complete the FAB Trail more than once?
Not only can you, but we encourage it! 

I don’t see an answer to my question, who can I contact?
For any additional questions or concerns, you may email [email protected]